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Hi! My name is Nicky Price and I live in a beautiful little village about 25 miles outside of London, with my husband, two grown up children and our chocolate Labrador “Archie”.   

About 6 years ago, I had a real "crash and burn" period that lasted nearly a year!  Many of the events that happened were unavoidable - however the way I felt at the end of it all was a direct result of me feeling totally unmotivated by what I was doing in my business and my career that left me feeling anxious, depressed and like there should be more to life than I was experiencing. 


Over the next 6 months I started to pick myself up and one step at a time, I rebuilt my life.  I gave up a 25 year career in IT, and my affiliate marketing "side" business and totally retrained as a Rapid Transformation Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.  I then went on to uplevel my skills in Coaching and in the Law of Attraction, whilst keeping watch on the latest developments in neuroscience that had long since fascinated me during my own personal development. 

 Fast forward a few years and I LOVE what I do as I help my clients truly transform their lives by helping them to remove lifelong limiting beliefs, blocks, phobias and behaviour patterns that are causing them to be stuck - and I truly feel that I've found my purpose in life and so of course I love to be able to help my clients to finally achieve the “freedom” in their lives that have been seeking too.  Often my clients report that they have literally “tried everything” before seeing me and finally,  through a 5 step process of transformation that I take them through, they are able to be free from whatever it is that’s been holding them back.


If you would like to have a free, no obligation chat to see if RTT Therapy or coaching is right for you, then please use the link below to schedule a call.


Nicky Price - Advanced RTT Therapist & Trainer, Cl. Hyp, LofA Coach

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What Others Say

"My favourite part of the 8 week coaching program with Nicky was that I felt part of something very special  .....and we have all stayed in touch.  My least favourite part was when the program “ended”.  

My biggest shift has been the way I see money – I now feel that I deserve it in my life and that I can manifest good things for myself and I also value myself more in relationships and when I am trying to ‘date’ –  I now don’t put up with the ‘low vibration’ guys….

I understand so much more  about my mind’s ‘blueprint’ and how it wasn’t serving me but I guess my biggest transformation is feeling that I am finally, starting to recognise my ‘worth’ which as you know is huge for me. So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

I would absolutely recommend coaching with Nicky, It is one of the best decisions I have made in my life…. Thank you!"

Rosie C

Entrepreneur & Businesswoman, Hampshire UK

"My favourite part of this transformational 8 week program was the beginning... and my least favourite was when it ended!!  The Values exercise was such an eye opener for me and made things much clearer in my mind about what I needed to do.   I hadn’t realised what an important role it plays in our personal happiness and growth.  As for the audios we got – I loved them  – they just speak to my soul!  How did I ever live without them before? 
My biggest shift was having complete clarity on the way my mind was working ... I realise that I have been sabotaging myself all this time. 

I would absolutely recommend this program to other women!"

Lis A

Business Owner, Middlesex UK

"I haven’t stopped I’m a changed woman! I feel completely stress free and a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  I’m LIVING again meeting friends got back to work I found my vision and have an outlook. And it’s finally a positive one.!!   I am achieving and everyone around me seems different too! In a good way!    -   My mind feels so much more at peace thanks to you."

Lisa G

"Former" suffererer of Agoraphobia

"The one to one session we had as part of the program really allowed me the opportunity to see what was driving some of my thinking as an adult.  It was like a yahoo moment when I understood what was behind my thinking.    However, the group discussions and meeting like minded women really showed me what it felt like to belong.

My biggest transformation is ME, my behaviours, my outlook and my thinking. I am much happier with purpose back in my life!."


Scottish Business Executive, UK

“ I have just completed a coaching program with Nicky, and absolutely loved every single session! 

Nicky is supportive, encouraging and wonderfully reassuring, it was a joy seeing her every session.

In addition to the coaching sessions, the  exercises really helped me to identify what blocks needed to be removed, to understand more about what I wanted from a relationship, and implement daily techniques to achieve my relationship goals. I had been struggling with low self-esteem for a couple of years, however the sessions with Nicky quickly helped me to overcome this, and feel more self-confident, valued and excited about my future.

There has been a clear positive shift in my energy.  I feel like a different person!
I can highly recommended Nicky!!"

Ram S

Finance Professional, London

I was in a low place when I met Nicky. I cannot tell you how life-changing the results have been.


This shifted so much ‘stuff’ for me I could not believe what actually came up!  I cannot tell you how different I feel - things are so much clearer now, so much more positive and it's like a veil has been lifted on my life… all of a sudden opportunities are presenting themselves, doors are opening and my life is changing pretty rapidly!


All I can say is WOW...., if  you feel stuck, depressed and just do not know where to turn next then call Nicky and book in NOW, you won’t regret it.”

Nicky H

Wife & Working Mum

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